A full-page color ad graces the front section of the Los Angeles Times. It displays an attractive wristwatch with the title Panthère de Cartier directly below. Nothing else is present except in the margin at the bottom, listing the location of stores where it can be purchased.  It’s an attractive timepiece and I’m certain it keeps excellent time – at its price of $21,200 I would expect it to do so.

On another page of the same newspaper you will see the Timex Classic Gold-Tone Expansion Band Watch, which sells for $62 and is shipped free of charge. It’s a thoroughly presentable wristwatch and I suspect it keeps time as accurately as does the Cartier.

For those persons with more money than they know what to do with, the Cartier will be a suitable addition to their collection of memorable acquisitions. For the other 99% of you who sensibly consider price as a factor in whatever you buy, you’ll do just fine with the Timex on your wrist.