The City of Dana Point is becoming ever more fashionable as its ocean side location and exquisite climate becomes recognized far and wide. Although these enticing features make our community an ever more enjoyable place to live, there’s a drawback. Those residences within a mile or so of the water, particularly condominiums, are especially desirable for use as short-term rentals. Accordingly, single condo units command an attractive daily lease price, which makes them attractive to owners with an eye toward profitability.

As you might guess, those persons vacationing in this delightful area for several days are often more interested in partying than are the long-term occupants of the nearby residences. And therein lies an aggravating problem, when the three-day visitor and the permanent resident occupy adjacent spaces – and as the cavorting goes on until 4:00 AM.

How is the problem to be solved? One such condominium complex, Niguel Beach Terrance, pleasingly located near Selva Road on the ocean side of PCH, just steps from the surf, is presently involved in exactly this controversy. Although the condominium CC&Rs currently forbid short-term rentals, the governing board appears to support those owners who choose to rent out their units. As expected, many of the owner-residents are opposed to this change. And further complicating the matter is a provision the rules may not be altered without approval by a hard-to-get 75 percent of the owners. To combat this, I’ve been advised, the Board plans to schedule a vote which will both permit short-term rentals and, at the same time, reduce the requirement for approval to a simple majority.

I’ll add a final though. Which right of a property owner should take precedence: the use of your property as you chose for your profit, or restriction of certain uses for the mutual enjoyment of all owners? My personal preference is the latter. This is the rule in my complex, Monarch Bay Terrance, near Crown Valley Parkway and the PCH. Several years ago our association held a vote on this and a predominant majority sided with this view. The result: We reside in and enjoy a largely peaceful and trouble-free community. Wherever the vacationers choose to go to celebrate their moment of carefree revelry, I’m glad it’s not next door to me.